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What Small Engine Repair Can You Do at Home

Small engine machines have been a great tool in helping you mow, clean or chop of a tree. However, when it fails to start, it is a huge inconvenience that keeps you from making your property clean. Instead of hiring a small engine repair, you can troubleshoot it.

All you need is a couple of tools and a bit of knowledge. If you want to know how to fix a small engine, keep on reading. Here is a list of simple solutions to common small engine problems:


If you own a mower, you may have experienced difficulty in starting it. Before you take it to the lawn mower shop, check the carburetor. The gasoline in small engines clogs the area. Once this area is dirty, your machine will not start. Clean your engine’s carburetor to prevent soil, gunk, and gasoline from clogging it.

Spark Plug

Did you clean the carburetor, but it still would not start? Head over to the spark plug to check its condition. Dirty or fouled spark plug will not ignite and will prevent your machine from starting. Get a new spark plug from your local shop to start your small engine.


Do you use your small engines on a regular basis? Drain your compressor regularly. A compressor that has full of water will start causing problems. The moisture inside the compressor will rust the equipment. This will lead to major issues that cost a lot to repair. Stay on top of your small engine and drain it regularly.

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