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Is your electric or gas lawn mower not working? Do you use your mower even if it does not have enough power? We at Doctor Lucas Lawnmower Repairs can help you with your lawn mower problems. Our lawn mower store in Houston, TX has the reputation of providing reliable lawn mower service. We have serviced various mower types such as gas, electric, rotary, and more. Here are some of our services:

Engine Repair – It is important to have regular lawn mower maintenance, especially with the engine. Without it, the engine can have a clogged carburetor, faulty spark plugs, and other problems. These can lead to starting problems, loss or reduced power, and even smoking. Rather than fixing the engine yourself, you should contact us instead. Why? We have the expertise to trace and resolve the engine parts causing your problems.
Sharpening – Whether small or large, lawn mower blades can get dull with regular use. You can opt to sharpen your lawn mower blades by yourself, but you will need the right tools and ample time to do it. Instead, you can let us do the sharpening for you. We make sure to sharpen lawn mower blades with the proper equipment and technique.
Parts and Accessories – Time will come wherein your lawn mower will be beyond repair due to wear and tear. For that, you can visit our shop for a variety of spare parts for your lawn mower. We stock engine parts, flywheels, starter ropes, and whatnot. We also sell accessories such as baggers, shredders, tire chains, and others.

When it comes to professional lawn mower services, you can rely on Doctor Lucas Lawnmower Repairs to do the technical work. We have performed reliable repairs in Houston, TX for over 5 years. This is due to our quality tools, experience, and commitment for customer relationship. If you need to fix your mower or ask further questions, contact us via (832) 435-9699.


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