How We Do Lawn Mower Sharpening | Houston, TX, 77040

When it comes to lawn mowers, a sharp blade is a must for efficient trimming. The blade will get dull with regular use, which would make proper mowing difficult to do. Instead of sharpening it yourself, you can let us at Doctor Lucas Lawnmower Repairs do it for you. Here is what to expect when we do lawn mower sharpening:

Removal – When doing small engine repair, the first step is to remove the blade from the mower. This can be dangerous if you have no idea about this task. We always make sure to deactivate the motor to prevent accidental startups. This is then followed by loosening and removing the blade with the necessary tools.
Sharpening – Once we removed the blade, we can then proceed to the actual sharpening. Before doing so, we will have to inspect the blade if it needs sharpening or replacement. For sharpening, we mark the blade first with paint to ensure proper reinstallation. We use a combination of grinders and files to ensure razor-sharp results. The grinder is our initial tool to profile the new edge, while the file is handy for precise sharpening.
Balancing – Even with a sharp edge, it is important to let our lawn mower specialist balance the blade. Running your lawn mower with an unbalanced blade leads to vibrations. This can damage the blade shaft and bearings, which will ruin your lawn mower. We always make sure to file off the blade for the right balance before reinstallation.
Replacement – Buying a new blade can be a safe choice for your lawn mower, although there are some cases that your dull blade may need replacement. Thin trailing edges, bent blades, dents, and cracks are signs that you need a new blade. Even sharpening cannot resolve such issues, which can lead to further problems.

You can count on Doctor Lucas Lawnmower Repairs for professional lawn mower sharpening. What makes us a cut above the rest in Houston, TX is our dedication towards customer satisfaction. Feel free to contact us at (832) 435-9699 to book appointments or inquire our other services.


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