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Lawn Mower Service Contractor Tips on How to Check Mowers

A healthy and well-designed lawn does not happen by itself. There is always a machine or contractor doing the work. However, if you’re busy, it would be best hire a lawn mower service expert to cut the grass on a lawn regularly. This task should be done once a week during springtime. During summer when the grass grows quickly, it is important to mow the lawn twice a week.

However, like any other machines and things, your lawn mower can be subject to wear and tear. Should your mower breaks down, a lawn mower contractor can help you check and fix the mower. Here are a few tasks they would do to see the problem and fix it.

  • Tip #1: Change the gas.
    When the mower do not start the moment you want to cut grasses, it is due to old gasoline. Gasoline can only last up to 30 days, and an old fuel causes loss of octane and produces moisture in the mower engine. To avoid getting stressed and wasting your time, refill the mower with fuel using fresh or new gas.
  • Tip #2: Clean the spark plug.
    When the mower loses power while you are in the middle of designing your lawn, do not forget to check the spark plug. In most cases, old and dirty spark plugs is the root cause of numerous problem of a mower.
  • Tip #3: Change the dirty engine oil.
    Checking the engine oil regularly gives advantage in cutting grasses using the lawn mower. Whenever the oil is dirty and in black color, draining it is the right step to do.
  • Tip #4: Change the air filter.
    When gas burns less and the mower motor loses power in the middle of usage, it is due to clogged and dirty filters. Change the filter regularly to take away keep your lawn mower in top condition.
  • Tip #5 Mower Deck Cleaning
    Whenever your mower do uneven cuts, the main cause is the clogged grass and debris on the mower deck. Cleaning the mower after using it will prevent you to experience this kind of scenario.

A lawn mower service and mower makes a beautiful and healthy lawn. Whenever it stops working, these tips can help you out. But above all, hiring Doctor Lucas Lawnmower Repairs a lawn mower company in Houston, TX is a better way to resolve problems. If you have questions, call (832) 435-9699 now to get your questions answered.

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