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Lawn Mower Repair Service Tips on How to Make Your Small Engines Ready

If small engines like lawn mowers, concrete mixers, and generators do not start, it is due to various reasons, including old gasoline, plugged carburetor, or a bad ignition coil. You can fix this problem easily, but it is better to hire a lawn mower repair service to avoid much more problem. Here are some tips on how to make your small engine ready to use!

  • Tip #1 The Smoke from the Engine
    When small engine burns oil, blue or white smoke is discharge. The right thing to do is to check the correct oil level of the engine if it is not experiencing air leak. When it is discharging black smoke, start checking on the carburetor and air filter.
  • Tip #2 Overheat
    Whenever engine overheats, it means the engine is dirty and full of debris. Cleaning the engine and air filter can solve the problem so as adding oil if the oil level is low. Leaky gaskets, fuel mixture and dirty fuel tank also causes engines to overheat.
  • Tip #3 Engine Sound
    When starting small engines and it makes a knocking sound, carbon deposits in the combustion chamber is the main cause. This can affect engine performance and pending task.
  • Tip #4 Engine’s Spark Plug
    When your engine has a malfunctioning spark plug, maladjusted carburetor, or an incorrect valve clearance setting, numerous issues of the engine performance may arise. Cleaning the spark plug and adjusting the carburetor is the right step to do.

A functioning small engine for home or lawn improvement will save you time in doing the work. If you want to make your engine ready for some heavy lawn work, you need Doctor Lucas Lawnmower Repairs, a lawn mower repair service provider in Houston, TX to maintain your mower. They are always ready to assist you in either small engine repair or generator repairs. If you have questions, feel free to call (832) 435-9699 now and ask one of our experts to answer your queries.

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