The Importance of Sharp Mower Blades and How to Whet Them | Lawn Mower Service in Houston, TX, 77040

Brief explanation and tips from a professional lawn mower service

The cutter blades are one of the most vital and important components of your lawn trimming tool. They help to ensure that the cut is clean and precise and that the grass is reduced to the desired height. Yet, in order for them to achieve this, they should be kept sharp. Here is a brief explanation on why lawn mower sharpening is important.

Lawn mower repair service Sharp edges equals neat cuts which will keep the grass healthy
To your lawn, a sharp cutting edge is the equivalent of a shaving razor. It helps to ensure that ends are neatly trimmed and will not turn brown. This is important as browning ends can lead to the plant becoming weak and susceptible to disease and pest infestations. And in turn, infect your entire yard and ruin its appearance. In addition, it will also save the grass and yourself much stress. It is due to this that you should have the blades regularly sharpened either by yourself or by a lawn mower service.

Sharpening the edges can be challenging. Yet, it can be achieved through several steps. Once you have detached them from the machine, use a metal file to remove all nicks. For the whetting use a grinder. Grind only in one direction and follow the original angle. Make them as sharp as scissors for optimal precision.

Once you have completed the task of whetting, balance the components. Place a nail part way into a wall or plank. Hang the blade by the hole in the middle. If it is leaning to one side use a grinder to remove material on that side where the sail is. You could also contact a professional lawn mower service and request to have your tool’s blades calibrated.

Sharp cutter blades are a vital part of your power tool. They help to ensure that the edges of the grass are neat and will not damage the plant, in turn preventing infections and infestations. When whetting use the grinder and be mindful how sharp you make the edges. Be sure to have the blades balanced as well. If you would like to learn more tips, contact a professional lawn mower company. An example of one such contractor is Doctor Lucas Lawnmower Repairs in Houston, TX.

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